Yuwaprasart Waithayopathum

Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital
Patron : H.R.H. Princess Galyani Vadhana


Yuwaprasart Waithayopathum is 150- bed child and adolescent psychiatric hospital in the Department of Mental Health Services, Ministry of Public Health. Founded in 1963 by Dr.Prasit Harinasute, its first durector, it is first and oniy child and adolescent psychiatric hospital in Thailand. The hopital is located on the outskirts of Bangkok at Suhhumvit Road, Samutprakarn. The hospital 's site was donated by Senior Doctor, laung-Waithayesarankul.


          Being Thandland 's oniy Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital, Yuwaprasart has multiple Functions as center for child & adolescent psychiatric service, study, reserch and education, as well as for initiation and promotion of programs to prevent further psychiatric problems.


Outpatients’ clinic has provided services since October, 28, 1965 (2508, B.E.)

Inpatient ward provided services to male patients on February, 6, 1967 (2510, B.E.)

            The hospital officially opened on September, 29, 1967 (2510, B.E.)

            Inpatient ward provided services to female patient on July, 1, 1971 (2514, B.E.)


            The Directors   Prasit Harinasute, M.D.                 1965-1981

Aiyakupt Yooyen, M.D.                   1981-1983

Supa Sakssomboon, M.D.              1983-1991

Prof. Penkhae Limsila, M.D.            1991-1998

Teera Leelanuntakit, M.D.              1998-2000

Benjaporn Panyayong, M.D.            2000-2004    

Dusit Likanapichitkul, M.D.              2004-2011

Suwannee Raungdach, M.D.           2011-2013

Rachanee Chalongkuakul, M.D.       2013-2018

Noppawan  Sriwongpanich, M.D.     Since 2018