Our services Include

Our services Include

1. Medical treatment and diagnosis

Services are provided weekdays. Monday tough Friday. Frome 8.30 am. To 4 pm. By the team of pediatricians.psychiatrists, physical and occupational therapists, special education teachers, psychologists and social workers, services include:

1.1  Auditory brain stem response  computerized examinations of children with auditory problems, delayed  development  and other birth related risks provided.

1.2  Electroencephalogram and brain mapping Diagnosis of epilepsy and other brain abnormalities is determined.

     1.3   Chromosome analysis children with delayed development, mental retardation and other behavioral problem are diagnosed.

     1.4  Acupuncture clinic children with delayed development, mental retardation, Down’s Syndrome and other problems are treated.

2. Development Promotion program

  1. Activities for gross motor skill developing are one through physical  therapy. These include training in crawling, sitting, hand standing. walking, jumping  slapping etc.
  2. Activities for fine mother Skill development are done though occupational therapy.These include training in sucking, swallowing, hand
  3. Activities for receptive language skill development   are done through speech therapy and basic language training  emphasizing listening.
  4. Activities for expressive language skill development   are done through speech therapy.These includes sound training and speech organ exercises.
  5. Activities for personal social skills development are done through group communication training and activities for daily living such as eating dressing, etc.

3. Rehabilitation

  1. Child development service are provided to promote Rehabilitation for children in their homes by their caregivers. Training in motor skill development   and sensory control is provided for caregivers by physical and occupational therapists.

4. Counseling

Psychological, emotional, and social counseling is provided for entire family by doctors, psychologists, social workers and trained nurse.

5. Intelligence testing psychotherapy and behavioral modification

Psychologists and specially trained nurses provide these services.

6. Special Education services

needs children are prepared to enter into mainstream society and school by integration and inclusion training from special needs children educationalists.

7. Dental services

Dental services are provided for physically handicapped and delays development children

8. Community Psychiatry Dept..

This department is responsible for:

-  Integrating child development projects into the primary health care system

-  Follow –up visitation and counseling

-  Technology support for schools, NG)’s, and community development

-  Increasing public awareness of mental health and child development problems through special education

9. Other special services

1.A telephone hotline

1.A telephone hotline service is available calling 0 5389 0245, Monday through Friday from 8.00 am to 4 pm.
2. a genetic counselling clinic

a genetic counselling clinic is available for pre-marital, pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, late-life, pregnancy and infertility counseling for couples. These service are available on Tuesdays, from 9.00 am. To 12.00 pm. especially for couples who have already had a mentally retarded child.
3.Occupation training

Occupation training available for caregivers to enable  them to make care various products, link handicrafts, at home in order to produce income that’s help them care for their special-needs children.
4.A well-baby nursery

A well-baby nursery is available for child development  study, the objective for this program  are:

-  To provide a good, development atmosphere

-  To promote social skill development atmosphere

-  To provide a place working mothers to breastfeed their babies

-  The children of caregivers are cared for by specially trained pediatric supervisor.